Pinnacle Engineering is a Geotechnical / Structural Engineering firm located in Tampa, FL. The firm’s Principal Engineer has a broad range of experience in several areas of the civil engineering and construction industries. This provides a thorough and seamless understanding of the potential issues that can be encountered at the engineering / construction interface.

Experience is a very important factor in engineering, and there are several very experienced engineers in our industry. So what makes Pinnacle stand apart from the rest? As an employee of the typical corporate engineering consulting firm, one is expected to bid on every project, make unreasonable promises to win every project and continue to take on as much work as possible. The result can be an overwhelming amount of work that the staff is not prepared to handle. The key personnel often reach a point at which they are simply trying to keep up with putting out fires on these projects, and certainly not providing focused, quality engineering services. After several years of working in this manner as a branch-level manager for a large consulting firm, Pinnacle’s Principal Engineer decided it was time to take a different approach.

Why not start a firm that will only take on projects on which the firm can remain focused? Why not leave the price undercutting and employee turnover to the other guys? Why not work within our circle of clients that know we will be fully focused on their best interests and provide services and communication that will avoid all the hassles and hang-ups? Pinnacle Engineering was then created as an answer to these questions.

If you are looking for the cheapest firm that has been half-focused on thousands and thousands of projects, then you are looking in the wrong place. We know we are not the firm for everybody, but we are probably the firm for you. Please, give us a call and find out.

Pinnacle Engineering and Consulting, LLC is a Geotechnical / Structural Engineering firm that provides services throughout the State of Florida

Our firm is based on the idea of providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We thoroughly believe that the focus of our consulting firm is better based upon the quality of service we provide rather than the quantity of work flowing across our desks. Every project that we take on has the full focus of our staff, and our efforts to ensure proper communication throughout our involvement is always among our top priorities.

Pinnacle’s staff has experience in many different phases of projects we take on. This allows for a fuller understanding of the “big picture” and enables us to provide our services as a deliverable that fits seamlessly into the project as a whole.

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Our Experts

Barry Smith, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Nathan McLain, P.E.

Project Engineer